New Mexican food, unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted, is a fusion cuisine that combines elements of Native American, Spanish, and Mexican.  The star ingredient is the chile pepper, our state fruit.  Harvested in the late summer usually while still green, the long narrow peppers are served freshly roasted, peeled and diced as a topping or ingredient in virtually every dish imaginable, dried and used as a powdered ingredient in food preparation, or are frozen for use throughout the year.

From casual fare to fine dining, our Albuquerque area restaurants offer guests a wide variety of menus and atmospheres from which to choose.

That is certainly true in the Village of Corrales, where the zesty flavors of the Southwest blend with American and continental cuisines to provide a dining experience for your taste buds that is second to none. With well over 300 days of sunshine a year and the dry, mild, high desert climate, outdoor dining is a way of life with many of the Corrales restaurants on their wonderful outdoor patios.

New Mexico chile, as much a staple here as bread is in many other parts of the world, adds wonderful flavor to any dish, along with widely varying degrees of spiciness. There are both green and red chiles, which actually are the same pepper harvested at different times. Each has its own distinctive taste. It is said that New Mexico is the only state with an official state question – "Red or Green?" To which one often replies – "Which is hotter?"

In Corrales there are several very fine restaurants with interesting and varied menus. For lunch you may want to consider Hannah & Nate's for traditional lunch fare (salads and sandwiches) interspersed with New Mexican seasonings, or for an authentic New Mexican lunch in a historic setting, Perea's is a must.

Restaurants that are open for lunch and dinner include The Indigo Crow Café – excellent contemporary American cuisine in a casual, cozy, yet elegant setting (one of our all-time favorites anywhere); The Corrales Bistro Brewery – offering a great selection of micro brewery beers to go along with a selection of interesting salads, soups, and sandwiches (try the El Pancho de Greenblatt), in a neighborhood bistro environment; Village Pizza - serving old favorites (some with a NM touch) to gourmet pizzas for over 20 years;  The Spot - enjoy a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, or a flavorful lunch & dinner and delectable desserts in an indoor garden while surrounded by fine art; The Flying Star - from Huevos Rancheros to Chicken Pot Pie and everything in between (including desserts to die for), varied menu, contemporary eclectic decor. 

Whether it's Old Town, downtown, Nob Hill, or outlying areas, the greater Albuquerque area has an abundance of outstanding restaurants that offer a range of cuisines that reflect the city's diversity. Too numerous to mention them all by name, restaurant guides such as the Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau Web site are a good resource.

Art, jewelry, and pottery, southwestern or contemporary in design, made by local and regional artisans and craftsmen, are available in shops, galleries, and working studios in the Village of Corrales. Antique shops, boutiques, and upscale consignment shops are also part of the Corrales shopping scene.

Whether you want to buy something for yourself or as a gift, chances are you can find it here. As with the restaurants, space does not permit a complete listing of all of the shops, galleries, and studios. Several shopping experiences that are truly unique to Corrales are the Growers Market, the Frontier Mart, Hanselmann Pottery, and Quilts Ole. The Growers Market is held on Wednesdays and Sundays from late April to October. In addition to locally grown foods, including many organic items, an assortment of soaps, cheeses, and decorative items may also be purchased. The Frontier Mart is not your typical convenience store. Although they carry the usual staples, the Frontier Mart also has an outstanding wine selection and a wonderful assortment of New Mexico gourmet gifts. Hanselmann Pottery makes and sells beautiful handcrafted stoneware. You can shop their display room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Quilts Ole has been recognized as one of the best quilt shops in the country. If you want to expand your horizon, there are plenty of opportunities for Albuquerque shopping, especially in Old Town's specialty shops and galleries and the fashionable boutiques in Nob Hill.

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