"When we arrived in New Mexico in 1999, we were awe struck by the Sandia Mountains. The majesty and ever changing faces were a sight to behold. We asked several people who had lived here a long time- do you ever take the mountain for granted? They instantaneously   responded- No!! Every time we look at the mountains today we still find it breath taking and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do."

-Dallas & Nancy

Since bright blue skies are the norm throughout the year in the Sandia Mountains of Central New Mexico, outdoor activities are an important part of our lifestyle. The covered portal running across the back of our home and the large patio provide a perfect setting to enjoy the surrounding Southwestern landscape. From March through October, it is usually warm enough to sit out back and watch the ever-changing face of the Sandia Mountains. This is truly a breathtaking experience as it changes by the minute.

If you happen to be here at dusk, you can see how the New Mexico Sandia Mountains got their name. Sandia is Spanish for "watermelon" and when the atmospheric conditions are right - and they usually are - mountain turns a beautiful vibrant shade of watermelon pink as the sun sets.

Want to see the mountains up close? The Sandia Peak Tramway will take you to the top, which is 10,000 feet. Or for the slightly more adventuresome, there are wonderful walking trails in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains. For a bit more strenuous trek, the La Luz trail will take you to the top. The base of the mountain is about a 20-minute drive from The Turtle.

Some photos courtesy of www.marblestreetstudio.com.

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